The Beginning of the Golf Season!

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March 1, 2020
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March 1, 2021


A new season is upon us, along with great aspirations for improved performance!

However, before you’re “holding the trophy” it’s important to take a moment and reflect on a very relevant question: “why do I play golf”?  I ask this because I find it interesting how some players take their game very seriously, have high expectations and commit to very little preparation.  As a result, they make themselves and others annoyed on the golf course.

As you know, we all cannot be Jordan Spieth or Lydia Ko!  However, we can identify our very own strengths and play within them, creating a greater opportunity for improvement and enjoyment on the links.  I am going to quote Raymond Floyd’s book – The Elements of Scoring in which he describes this concept as “playing comfortable”.  He states, “playing comfortable means understanding what you are capable of and playing at a level just inside that boundary”.  He also adds that it means “avoiding high risk shots in favour of realistic ones, swinging easy instead of too hard, playing shots that allow you to relax rather than feel pressure and taking what the golf course gives you”.

As you get pumped up for the new season with great expectations, combined with playing vicariously through the televised tour tournaments…you need to keep in mind that it is your game that you are playing.  Once you know why you play golf and understand “playing comfortable”, then you have identified your game.

Now, with your game in mind, lets talk about your goals for Golf 2016.  As we all know, setting intentions or goals is the first step to having, doing and being.  There are a number of excellent formulas for goal setting, however I will describe the system set out by my mentors from Vision54, who work with top-level players from both the PGA and LPGA Tours.  Check it out:

Three Levels of Goals:

Dreams, Visions, Imagery

  • are big
  • non-negotiable
  • important to make them very sensory rich, i.e. use imagery

Example:  Seeing my name in the “top 10″ on the leader board, at my Club Championship.

Performance, Outcome Goals

  • achievement based
  • negotiable
  • use them if they are productive only
  • must be very careful with these, as they can limit the potential of a player.

Example:  To score under 90 in all rounds in my Club Championship.

To Do Goals, Action Goals

  • goals that are under an individual’s control
  • they are the “to do” or action items

Example:  Attend Supervised Practice on Wednesdays and follow-up with personal practice on Fridays every week from April 16th to Club Championship.

I know that we would all rather just play the game and forget the goal setting.  However, the path to playing your game will involve fewer hazards if you have your destination in mind.


Copy, print and complete the V54Three Levels of Goals on: YOUR GAME: Chapter 2016!

Wishing you all the success for the upcoming year!

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