The Pitch Shot and Managing Distance Control

The Physics of Hitting it Straight
January 10, 2020
The Beginning of the Golf Season!
February 12, 2021


1.  Definition of a Pitch:  Less than a full swing distance and greater than chipping distances

2.  The Swing Motion:  Similar to a full swing, however we shorten the length on the back-swing

3.  Systematic Approach: Clockwork = full swing is at 11 o’clock and pitching is at 9 and 7 o’clock

4.  Equipment: SW, PW with 7 and 9 o’clock creates 4 new “less than fulls-wing distances”

5.  Map it Out:  Example – SW full = 70 yd., SW @ 9 o’clock = 50 yd., SW @ 7 o’clock = 30 yd.

I encourage you to come out and take this lesson with J2G, as you will be provided with a practical takeaway!  Upon completion of the coaching session you will have developed a personalized Pitch Chart that can be laminated and added to your golf equipment for quick reference on the golf course.

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