Mindfulness for Peak Performance

A cutting-edge training program built around recent neuroscientific findings related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and “flow”... that will empower you to be at your best.

Are you frustrated and not enjoying your game to the fullest?

Do you need more than technical instruction to move your game forward?

What if fresh teachings and practices, that align with both ancient wisdom and the latest research on mindfulness, could accelerate your performance and enjoyment?

Mindfulness for Peak Performance will help you with increased self-awareness to build new capacities, strengths, well-being and to tap into "flow states" during performance events or everyday life.

Regular Price : $499 CND

In these live classes




Mindfulness starts with the body. Being present in our body is the foundation of knowing ourselves and actively contributing to our growth. Being distracted by past experience, future outcome or opting to “zone out”, is often the case in the face of difficult experiences.

This program will teach you how to be fully alert to your senses, self-regulate and thereby become more RESILIENT and ON-POINT.



One of the biggest roadblocks to achieving your best is HOW you think. Our performance story, negative self-talk and perfectionism undermines performance.

This program will allow you to identify the three detrimental modes of thinking and teach you how to shift your habitual reactions to stress, through effortless awareness. The difference between a pedestrian performance and a peak performance begins and ends with your STATE OF MIND.



"The best performers (1) seek challenge, (2) focus their attention appropriately, (3) have a defined support system and (4) are autonomous"*. It is time to understand that you have everything you need to succeed and by shifting to a compassionate stance toward yourself, you will learn how to leverage your creativity, tap into your intuition and unify your conscious and subconscious systems for neural efficiency.

Be in charge of your own golf game with CONFIDENCE and COMPASSION!

*(Vorhauser-Smith, 2011)



It is universally known that the harder you strive for the flow state or “The Zone”, the harder it is to attain. However, research has shown, we can prime ourselves for flow.

This program will teach you a number of Mindfulness Flow Triggers, including (1) the practice of letting go of the inner commentator and (2) being present to the process rather than a future outcome.

Top performers CULTIVATE THE BEST MOMENTS of their lives.


  • You feel stuck or frustrated and feel like quitting.

  • You are not getting any sort of return from your current investment in game improvement.

  • Under stress, you react negatively and bad those habits repeat.

  • You are ready to become self-directed and finally take control of your unique game.

  • You are excited to align with your inner coach, trust your intuition and self-champion your way to feeling and playing better.

  • You want to know how to cultivate flow instead of experiencing it by chance.

Hi, I’m Jody.

My absolute passion is being your guide to greater enjoyment and improved performance.

I invite you to join me and I will guide you there.

I'm sure you'll agree that the modern world is saturated with people trying to sell you a quick fix. Most of the time, these types of programs end in disappointment.

That's why it's my vision to offer an alternative to the “quick fix”, that is student-centred and built out of respect for your autonomy. That being said, Mindfulness for Peak Performance is based upon the understanding that optimal outcomes occur most when participants engage in the practices and exercises on a daily basis. In other words, you will be required to drop the resistance that stops you from achieving your best and simply DO THE WORK.

For more information, see the recent article How Mindfulness Can Lead to Peak Performance »

I am passionate about guiding my students to be mindful of their innate potential. If you're willing to invest a small amount of your time, I promise to help you create your personal best.

~ Jody

8 Weeks | 2-hour Online Class

Program Activities:

  • Meditation
  • Short Information Sharing
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Group Discussion
  • Home Practice

Mondays, March 15th - May 3rd @ 6 – 8 pm PST

Recordings available if you are unable to make all sessions

Once you reserve your seat and pay, you will be sent the details for our calls

Hiking Retreat | Saturday, May 1st @ 9 am – 1 pm PST

Online Orientation Session
Mindful Hike (Students will be expected to choose an appropriate location near your home)
Once you reserve your seat and pay, you will be sent full details for our Hiking Retreat

Regular Price : $499 CND

mPEAK is a mindfulness training for those who seek a more balanced way to achieve their goals, both personal and professional, as well as attain new levels of performance and success. This cutting-edge training program is built around the latest brain research related to peak performance, resilience, focus, and “flow”. The mPEAK program enhances the human capacity of mindfulness through established and empirically-supported practices and exercises. Mindfulness is effective precisely because it is a way of being and relating to all aspects of life, rather than a specific technique or tool for a particular goal.

The foundation of this program is drawn from the highly respected and empirically-supported Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program. Additionally, the program incorporates specific practices and exercises formulated to correspond to recent neuroscientific findings, competitive advances, and related research regarding optimal performance.

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