DRIVING THE DISTANCE: Unleashing Your Power

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November 6, 2018
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February 8, 2019
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DRIVING THE DISTANCE: Unleashing Your Power


1.  Three Levers:
a)  Club shaft and lead arm, points to swing centre (lead side armpit), back to this at impact.
b)  Wrist Hinge, creates two levers:  1) driver and 2) arms.  Create lag and you will increase club head speed.
c)  Lower/Upper Body Abdominal Crunch – a strong core connection transfers energy from lower body to club

2.  Hit the Sweet Spot – avoid toe/heel and hit upper half to decrease spin and increase trampoline effect

3.  Ideal Launch Angle – hit equator of ball with slight spine tilt away from target at impact, ideal A of A: 0 – 2 degrees up

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