Golf Tips

March 1, 2021

Seasonal Training Plans

For a number of years now, our National Golf Team has followed Yearly Training Plans and over the past few years at the British Columbia Golf […]
December 16, 2019

Mental Mastery Wins Masters

During the post-round interview Adam Scott summed up one key tool to his win, it came from his mental toolbox… “The thing I did quite well out there today was stay right where I was. Wherever I was on the golf course, I stayed in that one shot” With the weight of an entire country vying for his conscience, Scott knocked in a 12-foot birdie putt on the second playoff hole against Angel Cabrera to win the green jacket…
March 9, 2019

Putting – Cover the Basics

HOW TO BE A GREAT PUTTER: Cover the Basics 1. Eye Over the Ball – eyes close to target line is key, max. 1 ball to the inside of the target line 2. Ball Position ...
February 8, 2019

CHIPPING: A Putt with a Jump Start

Summary: 1. Physics: more loft in the club = ball flies higher and rolls less, less loft in the club = ball flies lower and rolls more 2. Equipment System...
December 7, 2018

DRIVING THE DISTANCE: Unleashing Your Power

Summary: 1. Three Levers: a) Club shaft and lead arm, points to swing centre (lead side armpit), back to this at impact. b) Wrist Hinge, creates two levers:
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