The Athletic Setup (Chap)

Putting – Cover the Basics
March 9, 2019
Mental Mastery Wins Masters
December 16, 2019

Golf is an athletic sport that demands an athletic ready position. If you are in a balanced posture at set-up, then once you start moving you have a better chance of maintaining balance throughout the swing and hitting a solid shot.

Now, golf started in the British Isles back in the middle-century, hence C.H.A.P., i.e. “jolly ‘ole CHAP”, seems a fitting acronym to outline the steps to success.

1.  Clubface
– leading edge is square to target

2.  Hold
– handle in the creases of your fingers
– top hand (nearest butt end of club):  wrap the heel pad up and over the handle and place your thumb            down the shaft
– lower hand: place the handle in your fingers and wrap the palm over the top-hand thumb.  Letter “V”             points to shoulder.
– KEY:  use a 4/10 grip pressure only

3.  Aim
– body line and target line are parallel, like two railway tracks
– clubface is on the target line, so shoulders/hips/feet make the parallel line or body line.

4.  Posture
– 45 – 50 degree angle at spine (adjusts with longer clubs towards 50)
– let your arms relax and simply hang from your shoulders (vertical hang with irons and slightly forward          of vertical with woods)
– with a moderate knee bend, feel your body weight on the balls of your feet

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