About Jody Jackson

24 Years of Coaching.
I have always been a life-long learner who has dedicated my educational, professional and personal development to understanding the whole person. I have been a professional teacher and coach for the past 24 years, after graduating from the University of Alberta’s Faculty of Physical Education (specialization in Coaching and Athletic Training) and the Faculty of Education (specialization in Educational Psychology).
Personal Journey
My personal journey with golf started at the age of 11 years old and till today believe that “Golf is like no other game in that it demands the unparalleled union of the whole self.” As a result of my passion for the game and desire to empower others in their pursuit, I coach golf by nurturing the unification of body and mind and enlisting my student’s spirit or drive to reach new heights in their game.
Educational Background
Ladies Professional Golf Association (L.P.G.A.), Class A
Teaching and Club Professional Member since 2000

Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.)
Specialization: Educational Psychology

Bachelor of Physical Education (B.P.E.)
Majors – Coaching, Athletic Training and Conditioning

Certificate in Business Golf Management
Elite Program, Camosun College, Victoria, BC

National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP)
Theory Levels I – III
Golf Coach – Developing Competitors

Yoga Teacher Training
Yoga Teacher Certification (250 hr), Moksana Yoga Centre, Victoria, Canada
Sri Ved Niketan Ashram(100 hr), Rishikesh, India
Professional Accreditation
L.P.G.A. Teaching and Club Professional Member – Class A
Permanent Teaching Certification, Alberta Education
Yoga Teacher Certification
Certified Club Fitter
Titleist Performance Institute (TPI) Golf Fitness Instructor – Level I
Certified SNAG Instructor
Published Writer for The News Group and Island Golfer Magazine
Teaching Philosophy
Over the past 27 years I have dedicated my educational, professional and personal development to understanding the whole self – body, mind and spirit. My coursework in the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Studies focused primarily on the body and enhanced my ability to teach, coach and train others in maintaining fitness or achieving their athletic goals.

After completing my B.P.E. I enrolled in the Faculty of Education. I had learned all about the body, the next step was to research and explore the thinking human being – the mind. My coursework within this program focused on Educational Psychology where I discovered the intricacies of human behavior and learning styles. Out of this came my belief in the Humanistic Theory, that the individual is the synergy of body, mind and spirit.

Thereafter, I steered my learning into the realm of the human spirit. This part of the journey took me to India, where I studied yoga and meditation. I discovered the benefits of quieting the mind, steadying the body and came away more knowledgeable and confident in understanding the plight of the human spirit. Therefore, today I teach golf by nurturing the unification of the body and mind and enlisting my student’s spirit or drive within to reach new heights in their game.
Vast Amount of Experience
I have gained a vast amount of experience in my role as Technical Director for the British Columbia Golf Association, where I continue to work today, in Long Term Player Development. Since 2008, I have developed and coordinated over 15 Regional, High Performance or Specialized training programs involving numerous athletes, coaches, performance specialists, facilities, community partners and stakeholders.
Provincial Coach
Lastly, I have a very accomplished career in my role as Provincial Coach, where I have lead Team BC to several victories, including Canada Summer Games, Western Canada Summer Games and various Junior and Senior Teams at National Championships. Internationally, I have coached Team Canada Juniors in the U.S. and at the R & A Junior Open, preceding The Open at St. Andrews, Scotland. Check out my Coaching Accomplishments.
Coaching Achievements
Other Roles and Specializations
In addition to my work with the Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for golf, I am a Global Education Team Member with – the LPGA T & CP in a teacher/coach mentorship role, Six Seconds Emotional Intelligence EQ Practitioner, Yoga Teacher (250 hrs) and most recently, training with Quiet Mind Golf on Fluid Motion performance while utilizing Opti-International/Muse technology for brain mapping.
Current Golf Season
THIS GOLF SEASON, I look forward to continuing my post as British Columbia’s PROVINCIAL COACH while enjoying the infamous Arbutus Ridge Golf Course in Cobble Hill, BC. I have experience with ALL AGES AND LEVELS of golfer and will be providing a variety of lesson programs, specialty clinics, yoga for golf and golf travel adventures! If you are interested in designing your own program, let me know and we can make it happen!


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  • Jody is an exceptional golf teaching professional & coach. She combines her sport knowledge with her creativity to help each student achieve their specific goals.
    Helen Clarke
    Student, Owner – Shoebox Bookkeeping Ltd.
  • We hacked around the course for more than thirty years never progressing. I got rid of my clubs and gave up golf more times than anyone. At the time my golf round was approximately 110 if I was lucky. I warned Jody I may be unattainable and a hopeless cause. She laughed and said I would be fine. We then we agreed to a four week training program. We put in the training after each lesson and after our second year of training with Jodi I am now a 17 handicap golfer and confidently expect to reduce to around 10-12 by next year as I often get rounds of around 85 now. Not bad for a guy going of fifty six who thought he would remain a hacker forever thanks to Jodi. I now really enjoy my golf and seriously advise anyone starting out to forget buying clubs and spend as much as you can on lessons.
    Gerald Raath
  • Just wanted to say how very much your lessons have helped me in all phases of the game. Your teaching methods are superb…. an explanation of what is to be accomplished, a visual from you, and then you let the student do the rest, with gently encouraging comments along the way. I have found in the past that most teachers talk too much which is very confusing to new golfers…you do not. Your explanations are concise and easy to understand. You have caused me to love the game even more! Thanks for all the encouragement. Your teaching skills are amazing.
    Josephine Lee
  • I am back in San Diego now and just wanted to thank you again for the wonderful time I had on our week end trip. That was the highlight of my vacation. I especially enjoyed the opportunity to play a round of golf with you. Your swing and power is definitely and inspiration, along with your ability to be calm, relax and have fun. I did not see a bit of tension in you. That is, as you know, my worst enemy but I am working on it.
    Kathy Vizzolini
    Student and Participant in J2G Golf Adventures
  • Jody Jackson is the professional’s professional. Not many golf professionals and coaches have all the skills that Jody possesses. She has a great eye for the swing and can communicate her thoughts so the student can understand them. On top of a great teacher she is very well versed in golf fitness, yoga, and the psychology of the game. If you're looking for a lesson or a full time coach Jody is a true expert and I give her my full recommendation.
    Brian Benedictson
    Canadian Tour Professional | Inventor of the Swinkey Golf Training Tool
  • I have enjoyed and been very impressed with Jody’s passion for golf and helping high performance golfers. She has worked with a number of my top junior golfers and done a great job!!!!
    Norm Jackson
    President at Stormin Golf Ent. Inc
  • Jody has done a tremendous job working with BC Golf and is directly involved in the development of the top golfer-athletes in Canada. Jody is the consummate golf professional and a good choice for any young golfer looking for a coach who will make a difference.
    Brad Ewart
    Golf Professional | Golf TV Producer | Golf Journalist Travel Writer | Sports Journalist
  • Jody is a hard worker and a pleasure to be around.
    Penny Baziuk
    Senior Competitive Golfer | Director at Ardmore Golf Course
  • Jody is a first rate coach and has a detailed knowledge of what it takes to be a successful golfer. She is gifted in her understanding of how different athletes learn and is therefore capable of bring out the best in all of her students. Her personality makes you instantly at ease and comfortable in her presence. I would highly recommend Jody to any golfer regardless of ability. She will bring out the best within you.
    Kris Jonasson
    Executive Director at BC Golf Association
  • I have to tell you what a huge part of my success in 2011 you were – our work in 2010 in all areas of the game, physical, mental and emotional, was instrumental in how I played in 2011 – I had the confidence and the right preparation based on what tools you were able to help me acquire – 2011 included not only qualifying for the US Open, but winning my 3rd BC Amateur and making it past the first stage of LPGA qualifying on my first attempt – I value your knowledge of the many areas that a golfer needs to be successful at, but most importantly, your easy-going personality made it fun to go for a lesson!
    Christina Spence Proteau
  • Jody is the ultimate professional in the way she carries herself and carries out her duties. As one of the head coaches of the Team BC program, Jody bought into the “Team” concept and led by example with her athletes. Jody was constantly looking for ways to strengthen her team using the services that Team BC had available and would look for any way to make her athletes stronger off and on the golf course. She is truly dedicated to her athletes and to her provincial association. I would not hesitate to have Jody back in our program and wish her all the success as she continues her career journey.
    Judy Joseph-Black
    Sport Consultant at Ministry of Community | Sport and Cultural Development