Welcome to Jody Jackson Golf

My love for golf began in 1977, after my father introduced me to this incredible game. Now, over more than three decades, I have built a coaching career supporting others in their performance pursuits.

Presently, I am best described as a Performance Coach, Agent for Mindfulness and Game Changer who uses golf as the training ground to support people in achieving their personal best. In 2000, I founded Jody Jackson Golf on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada and have been a 'Class A Member' of the LPGA Teaching Professionals since 2005.

Additionally, I am in a contract position with the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA). Did you know it is the largest and longest-running women's sport organization on the planet? In my role as Technical Lead of Instruction, I am involved in the development and delivery of the LPGA Teacher Education Program. Over the years, the LPGA has earned a reputation as the leader in research-based golf education. So, I am super excited to be on the frontline, bringing the latest and greatest to YOU!.

My absolute passion is being a coach or guide to greater enjoyment and improved performance. Are you up for becoming your own best coach once and for all? Are you ready to find your flow and better your best?

I invite you to join me and I will guide you there.